About us

A concert, a party, a family festival, a corporate event or a conference – any visual material filmed by eight HD resolution cameras connected to a movable television station can be broadcast live via Internet on www.scena.lt or transmitted to any webpage of your choice.

Since last May visual material is broadcast via Over the Top (OTT). This service helps to be independent from the type of an event or the location of a person intending to watch a live broadcast via Internet. The system allows broadcasting visual material in different formats and resolution qualities. It can guarantee that all devices transmit an image and that the visual stream is delivered in a smooth and quality manner. All of this makes it possible to broadcast an event in real time from whatever location. All a viewer needs to do is to connect to scena.lt (or any other webpage to which a broadcasting is being transmitted) on whatever device – a personal computer, a tablet or a smart phone. The new service has already been put to test on several occasions while broadcasting a mass event; once over 13 thousand viewers were connected to scena.lt. OTT is a reliable system even in peak load times of the net, allowing up to 50 thousand of viewers get connected to a live broadcast at the same time.

www.filmstudio.lt, which is a branch of “Penki TV” TV channel owned by “Penki kontinentai” group of companies, has a group of professionals with a long-standing experience in television and feature film shooting who ensure that all the necessary technical devices are ready for broadcasting, there is a required Internet connection and quality of visual transmissions.